J Lindsay Brown Dance


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 -Walt Whitman

Upcoming Fundraiser Alert!

Have a night off (the Saturday before Valentine’s Day) and grab yourself a dessert!

J. Lindsay Brown Dance will be facilitating a Parent’s Night Out from 4-8pm on February 11th in Edgewater.  Children will get to play games, make crafts, and have fun!  Caretakers are background checked and have over a decade of experience working with children of all ages. 

Children will need to bring their any diapering supplies they might need and their own bagged dinner (if your child has a peanut allergy, please let us know so we can accommodate). We have a suggested donation of $25 for one child, and $10 for each additional child.  Donations go towards our festival appearances during the year and compensating our wonderful artists.

 Suggested age range: 2 years to 9 years. Need an exception? Email us at info.jlbdance@gmail.com with any questions. 

YOU MUST REGISTER YOUR CHILD VIA OUR GOOGLE FORM BEFORE THE EVENT–space is limited. Click the pink link or fill out the form embedded below the FAQs.


– WAIT! Did you say dessert?
Yes. Whether or not you are dropping off kids, you can check out our dessert sale in founders hall on the main level of the church. Get yourself something nice.
Where does my donation go?
All proceeds go towards supporting J. Lindsay Brown Dance and their 10th season of performances. Your donations will help pay dancers and pay for necessities that keep the company running.
– Who is leading the event and are they qualified to watch my kids?
Lindsay, the artistic director, and her spouse Geoffrey are leading the event. Both work with children as a job (Lindsay teaches at a YMCA and Geoff works in special education at an elementary school). They also have facilitated Parent Night Out events in the past at the church. They also each have over a decade of experience working with kids at camps, intensives, outreach programs, schools, and more.
– is anyone CPR/first aid trained?
Yes, Lindsay is up to date on her training, and at least two other volunteers have also been trained in cpr/first aid.
what about safety?
All volunteers are background checked. We also will have a check in/check out system to ensure children are going home with the right family, and will have secured and posted an adult at the entrance/exits to make sure no children wander off
-What will the kids do?
We will have an outline for the night so all kids remain engaged and get to have fun! They will be split into groups by age, and will spend some time downstairs in the Olin center and some time upstairs in the Gym. There will be free play, craft time, gym time, and a dinner time.
– how many children will be there?
The maximum is 35. If we have less volunteers, that number will decrease accordingly. Our ratio maximum is 5 kids to one adult supervisor.
– my kid isn’t quite 2 yet.
Neither is Lindsay’s! Send us an email and we can talk about it!
-what do they eat?
Whatever you pack for them! If there any any allergy concerns please let us know so we can accommodate.
Have other questions? Email info.jlbdance@gmail.com